How to set up for the Holiday Weekend

Hours: Thursday & Friday 9AM – 5PM (Sarah’s Grille Opens @ 7AM); Saturday & Monday 8AM – 5PM (Sarah’s Grille Opens @ 6AM), Closed Sunday.

We do not reserve space in our outdoor market on a daily basis. All spaces are reserved on a monthly basis according to the day you want to be here.

If you want to set up for the holiday special, we recommend that you get a space for all 4 market days. You may pull in on Thursday morning between 7 AM and 8 AM. You will pick an OPEN AIR BLACKTOP space, make sure it is not marked RESERVED for any of the days you want to set up, set up for the day, and leave a locked vehicle in that space to hold it for the next market day. You must be in your space, set up and ready to sell by our opening hour (9AM) fo rthe next market day. For Saturday and Monday setups we will add a $5.00 premium charge over and above the regular price for all non-reserved pavilion and blacktop spaces.

If you choose to come the day of the market to set up, we suggest vendors arrive each market day by 5:30 AM. We do not guarantee spaces to be available. You may not leave anything other than a vehicle in the space to hold it. Any other items will be picked up by MarketPlace Staff and you may face a fine. At the end of each market day all merchandise must be packed up and all trash must be removed. No trash is to be left by a vendor! Vendors who leave trash will be fined. We also recommend that you bring your own tables. The tables that we rent will be distributed first-come, first-served while supplies last.