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Fall weather is on its way, and before you know it, we’ll be in the throws of winter (whether we like it or not!). With cool weather inevitably comes dry skin. Stop rough, cracked skin before it starts with a few of these all natural skin care products from Nanny Goat Naturals, Shop #102 at Hartville Marketplace!

Facial Cleanser
Designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin, these facial cleansers provide deep cleaning and moisturizing without all the harsh chemicals you typically find in store-bought brands.

Lip Balm
We’ve all fallen victim to dry, chapped lips. Stop the effects of harsh fall and winter winds with one of Nanny Goat Naturals’ lip balms! Heal, sooth and protect your lips from dry winds to keep them smooth all season long.

Salt Scrubs
Exfoliate dead skin cells and show off a healthy glow with these Goat Milk Soft Scrubs! This formula encourages a natural flow of circulation and also aids in relaxation with an infusion of lavender essential oil.

Foot Soak
Say goodbye to icky foot odor with Nanny Goat Naturals’ Deep Blue Foot Soak. You’ll get smooth skin from this all-natural mix that also fights bacterial fungus. A win-win for your newly-fresh feet!

Goat Milk Lotion
Ditch the sticky, greasy lotions in your bathroom cabinet for something more natural and guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth! Nanny Goat Naturals’ goat milk lotion seeps right into your skin, making it healthy and soft.

We’ve only scratched the surface of all natural skin care products that Nanny Goat Naturals offers. If you stop by on the right day, you might get to see the products made right before your eyes!

Don’t wait ‘til winter to start taking care of your skin. Stop by Nanny Goat Naturals during your next visit to Hartville Marketplace to nip dry skin in the bud!

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