Tommy’s Jerky Outlet

Shop #103
Phone: 330.280.0954 | Facebook Page | Email: [email protected]

Whether you are looking for delicious barbeque or exotic flavors, Tommy’s Jerky Outlet has your jerky!

Martin’s Pizza Rolls

Shop #71
Phone: 330.203.3500 | Facebook Page | Email: [email protected]

We sell the legendary handmade, fresh daily pizza rolls in five different kinds. Great for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast! Also, perfect for all parties: graduations, birthdays, holidays, etc.

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Cheese Barn/Nut and Candy Shack

Shop #32
Phone: 330.323.2730

A surplus of salty, sweet, and crunchy grabs. With their own refrigerated section, there are plenty of delicious items to fill your fridge. No need for a grocery store after a visit here!

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Hartville Chocolate Factory

Shop #11
Phone: 330.587.0068 (Hartville MarketPlace) | Website

330.877.1999 (Downtown Hartville)

From the holidays and birthdays to congratulations to well wishes, Hartville Chocolate Factory can provide the tastiest gifts, and is a wonderful cure for any sweet tooth!

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Gourmet Market Pasta

Shop #104
Phone: 216-316-9409 | Facebook Page | Website

The options of pasta are endless, and you will be personally assisted to choose the one that best suits you. Don’t forget the sauce pre-made for a quick and delectable meal at home.

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Nanny Goat Naturals

Shop #102

From homemade fudge, to handmade soaps and more, what you will find at this corner shop, cannot be matched elsewhere. If you catch them at the right time, you might get to see the products made right before your eyes, for a very interactive experience!

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The Deli Connection

Shop #106
Phone: 330.472.3530

So many unique food brands  that are built on quality and satisfaction that started in the Amish community. Once you experience what Deli Connection has to offer you and your household, your cupboards will be full of their meats, cheeses, crackers, and jams.

The Pierogi Lady

Shop #83
Phone: 330.690.2129 | Website

Skip all the hard grueling work in the kitchen, but don’t miss out on any of the homemade quality with these Pierogis! Creatively flavored, with many options, you are sure to find a favorite that will keep you coming back for more!

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Watkins Products

Shop #68

Watkins has an array of items for your every day needs! From kitchen seasonings, to lotions and shampoos, many of your necessities can be met in this one stop shop.

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