SeeGifts: From High Quality Fashion Jewelry to Pet Supplies

SeeGifts began 21 years ago and was one of the original businesses of our two original locations: Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market and the Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market.  In 1995 we opened our first location in Holmes County Amish Flea Market and soon expanded to our second location at the Hartville MarketPlace in 2002.  The business originally began with selling 14kt bonded gold and bonded rhodium jewelry; a high quality fashion jewelry with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  We custom fit our jewelry so you have a perfect fitted anklet or bracelet.  To capture the men’s interest, we added medieval swords, katana swords, daggers and knives.

The next product line we added was a local, Ohio based company making all natural cream and lotions.  These products do not contain parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, silicones or sulfates.  In this product you will find some of the most effective, luxurious, handmade, natural personal care products available.  From proprietary herbal remedies, pain cream, luscious body and facial care, to gentle, soothing essentials for babies, you will find that our products are like nothing you have tried before.

When Ohio passed the Conceal Carry Law, it was time to expand our swords and knives to firearms.  We have been a licensed Federal Firearm ship for the past 12 years as we sell, trade, consign and buy firearms.  We sell all major manufacturers.  We will also offer quotes on any firearm you are interested in.  Never handled a firearm? We will work with you.

Our last major product line added was the SeeGifts Paws Boutique for the 4 legged family members; featuring Ohio Handmade pet clothing and a variety of pet supplies. Our pet clothing can be custom made for a perfect fit for your pet, without extra charge.  We also have gourmet gluten-free, preservative-free handmade dog treats that are a must to take home.

Stop in, our shop has so much more for everyone! Our jewelry, creams, pet clothing, pet shampoos, pet mineral supplements, holsters, therapeutic magnet jewelry, wooden magnets and handmade knives are all USA made.  Our customer service will not be outdone.  We are a one-stop shop! Come in and experience our store at #294!

How to Help Birds in the Winter: Advice from Wing & A Prayer

Contrary to what some people think, birds need our help in the winter when it is cold and the snow stays on the ground for weeks. You may ask how do they eat or how can we help; below is a guide to assist you in answering these questions.  Information is provided by Tom Schultz, owner of Wing & A Prayer, inside the Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market.  Check out his shop (#81) for a large selection of bird food, houses, and other accessories for your winged friends.

1. Providing Food

  • Check your bird food mix to see if it contains grit, which is necessary for digestion.  If the birds do not get any grit they can starve, or even freeze to death.  Food provides necessary warmth for them during the winter.


2. Water

  • Make sure there is an ample water supply at all times.


3.  Egg Shells

  • Egg shells are very important before nesting time.  Save your egg shells and crush them to add to your bird food. (Especially in the months of January-April.) Doing this will provide calcium to help make harder shells on their own eggs.


4. Birdhouses and Roosting Pockets

  • Make sure to provide plenty of birdhouses and roosting pockets for the birds.  These provide extra protection from the winter elements.  When purchasing a bird house try to stay away from houses that are all metal.  If the house has a metal roof only, make sure it has space for ventilation at the top and the bottom.  Entrance holes need to be appropriate sizes for the birds you wish to attract.  ALL holes should be at least 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the house.  Stay away from houses that are glued together.


5. Bird Feeders

  • We do not recommend wooden feeders.  A few years ago there was an epidemic that was linked to wooden feeders, and thousands of birds died due to the virus.  All feeders must be kept clean as food can get wet and stuck in the feeders which causes harmful mold to form.



February Featured Shop – The Hartville Chocolate Factory

The Hartvhc1ille Chocolate Factory was founded and opened to the Hartville community by Bob Barton in 1986.  The factory was originally started to specialize in making plastic chocolate molds, but soon expanded into a chocolate shop as well.  As of today, the Hartville Chocolate Factory consists of a chocolate-making facility, a custom mold division, a manufacturing plant for chocolate machinery and has expanded into two retail shops within the Hartville area.  Recently, ownership of the Hartville Chocolate Factory was transferred from Bob Barton to Scott Huckestein who has developed “Cocoa Concepts,” where the company headquarters resides.  This new facility features a museum with chocolate tastings and tours, and provides a location for private celebrations, themed events and after-hours corporate gatherings.

The Hartville Chocolate Factory is unique on an international level because they are involved in so many different areas of the chocolate industry.  Besides producing and selling delicious chocolates, we work with large corporations and with small “mom and pop shops.”  We are not worried about our competition, as we are usually
working alongside them to help them succeed!  We reach out to other companies, even those located right down the road, and provide them with molds, machinery, private labeling and any other resources they may need.  We will even sit down with them and help to customize a store floor plan together.  We enjoy helping smaller companies thrive, it’s what we do best and it is what makes our company unique!

On a local level, the Hartville Chocolate Factory is set apart because of our commitment to offer quality products at an affordable price.  When making any of our treats, we use only the best all-natural products.  Our ingredients include: real milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter, whipping cream, peanut butter, salted nuts, coffee beans and fresh strawberries.  All of our products are made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. hc3 Our peanut clusters are made by hand.  Our amazing fudge and vanilla caramels are cooked up in a large copper kettle right over an open flame.  Even our fresh buckeyes and chocolate-dipped strawberries are individually dipped, by hand.  All of our wonderful chocolates are made with love, the old-fashioned way and still our prices are lower than those found in most quality chocolate stores.

The Hartville MarketPlace location of the Hartville Chocolate Factory offers many benefits for every customer we serve.  With ample parking and handicap accessibility, it makes shopping easy for everyone.  In addition to our sweet treats, we also offer jellies and jams, plush animals and a variety of appetizer and dessert mixes.  The chocolates and candies here are packaged fresh and ready to go for those who are excited to check out the amazing variety of shops at the MarketPlace.  Only footsteps away from our store, shoppers can find fresh deli meats and cheeses, produce, dry goods, jewelry, handbags, home decor, books and more.

We invite you to stop in during your next visit to the Hartville MarketPlace.  We always have plenty of samples and smiles for all of our customers, many of whom can remember visiting our store when they were just children.  We are an inhc4ternational company with small-town values.  Whether you are looking for fine chocolates, delicious candies, chocolate supplies, or just a little bit of nostalgia, we have what you are looking for at the Hartville Chocolate Factory.  On behalf of our twenty company employees and their families, we thank you for your kind support.


The Many Benefits Of Goat Milk

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Today’s blog post is s guest post from Kathy Jeffers, owner of Pheasant View Dairy Goats, located in the South Wing of the Hartville MarketPlace. Pheasant View Dairy Goats was established in 2007. They always had the dream of starting their own farm and they then wanted to start a business along with it. They began with two dairy goats and their herd is now up to 25 (and still growing!).

Goats may be cute and friendly, but they are also very useful. Female goats produce a creamy milk, rich in vitamins and minerals. It is very beneficial to your body, both inside and out. Listed below are many of the benefits of using this high protein, calcium rich milk.

glass-of-milk-000005523842large-21 (3)

One of the things you can do with goat’s milk is make soaps and lotions. It is a pure natural product with no additives or preservatives in it. It contains lactic acid which strips away dead skin cells and nourishes the new skin underneath. The PH level in the milk is very close to the PH in your body, making it easier to absorb into your skin. The result is a moisturizer that does not wash off and is continually working. Some of the things that goat’s milk can do is help fight acne and also aid in the reduction of wrinkles, just to list a few.

Drinking goat’s milk is just as beneficial. Goat’s milk is closest to human’s milk, making it easier to digest. It is rich in calcium and helps boost the immune system. It has high levels of proteins and essential amino acids.

Whatever the reason for using goat milk you will enjoy the results you receive.

For more information about Goat Milk and Goat Milk products, please visit Pheasant View Dairy Goats.

Nobody Makes Them Like Grandma

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Today’s blog post is s guest post from Autumn Johnston, owner of The Pierogi Lady located in the South Wing of the Hartville MarketPlace. Autumn is an experienced chef and pierogi connoisseur. Today she is sharing with us some fond childhood memories of her Gram and the beautiful pierogis she would hand craft for her family  .

Pierogies-34One thing we hear a lot at our pierogi shop are stories of how our customer’s grandmother, or mother, or mother-in-law used to make “the best” pierogis. Watching us roll, fill and pinch pierogis brings back fond childhood memories of being “the pincher” and anxiously awaiting a pierogi feast at the dinner table.

Family’s differ in what pierogis they grew up with.  Some potato cheese, some dry cottage cheese (sweetened or unsweetened with chives or without chives), some sauerkraut with potato, some with prune, plum, apricot….. the list goes on.  My grandmother (we call her Gram) made potato cheddar, sauerkraut, and apricot.


Gram taught me to make pierogis.  She was an amazing cook.  We gathered every Sunday at her table, twenty to thirty of us depending on the week. There was always a wide variety of food and you never knew what you were going to be surprised with that week.  Pierogis, chicken dumpling soup, lasagna, pagash (a Polish potato casserole) that was one of our favorite dishes, were just a few of the things she made often.

So many memories were made at those Sunday suppers.  They all come rushing back to me with a bite of pierogi.

We would like to help bring back your memories and create new ones with your family.  At The Pierogi Lady we make over 100 varieties of pierogis.  We try to accommodate everyone’s memories of how their “Gram” made them when they were growing up.  While we know they will never be quite the same as Grams, we will do our best!


Decorating With Vintage Ladders

Decorating With Vinatge Ladders

Today’s blog post is s guest post from Dan & Brenda Metzger, owners of The Boston Road Collection located on the second floor of the Hartville MarketPlace. Dan & Brenda are experts in antiques and primitive and shabby chic decor with a combined 65+ years of experience. Today they are sharing with us some home decor tips using vintage ladders.


Old wooden ladders are readily available, affordable and fun to decorate with both indoors and out.  If your not lucky enough to have an old ladder in your garage or barn – not to worry. Flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops area good source for ladders.

Ladders can be found in natural wood tones or in old painted finishes which add to their decorating appeal.  Feel free to paint your old ladder to match your decorating scheme A light sanding after painting will add rustic charm and slightly age the piece giving it an old world or worn feel.

gardenladderoutdoorsLean an old wooden ladder against the wall to display vintage quilts or towels. Hang a ladder from the kitchen ceiling to display vintage baskets or pots and pans.  A ladder hung horizontally on the wall provides unique display space for family photos and accessories.  Place a step ladder outside in your landscaping scheme to arrange plants while providing vertical visual impact.  

The uses for old discarded ladders are endless.  Bottom line – step up to the decorating challenge – use your imagination and have fun.


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