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Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman has been around for more than 85 years.  It’s a franchise that is independently owned.  Merle Norman products are proudly made in the USA!

SeeGifts: From High Quality Fashion Jewelry to Pet Supplies

SeeGifts began 21 years ago and was one of the original businesses of our two original locations: Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market and the Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market.  In 1995 we opened our first location in Holmes County Amish Flea Market and soon expanded to our second location at the Hartville MarketPlace in 2002.  The business originally began with selling 14kt bonded gold and bonded rhodium jewelry; a high quality fashion jewelry with a lifetime replacement guarantee.  We custom fit our jewelry so you have a perfect fitted anklet or bracelet.  To capture the men’s interest, we added medieval swords, katana swords, daggers and knives.

The next product line we added was a local, Ohio based company making all natural cream and lotions.  These products do not contain parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol, silicones or sulfates.  In this product you will find some of the most effective, luxurious, handmade, natural personal care products available.  From proprietary herbal remedies, pain cream, luscious body and facial care, to gentle, soothing essentials for babies, you will find that our products are like nothing you have tried before.

When Ohio passed the Conceal Carry Law, it was time to expand our swords and knives to firearms.  We have been a licensed Federal Firearm ship for the past 12 years as we sell, trade, consign and buy firearms.  We sell all major manufacturers.  We will also offer quotes on any firearm you are interested in.  Never handled a firearm? We will work with you.

Our last major product line added was the SeeGifts Paws Boutique for the 4 legged family members; featuring Ohio Handmade pet clothing and a variety of pet supplies. Our pet clothing can be custom made for a perfect fit for your pet, without extra charge.  We also have gourmet gluten-free, preservative-free handmade dog treats that are a must to take home.

Stop in, our shop has so much more for everyone! Our jewelry, creams, pet clothing, pet shampoos, pet mineral supplements, holsters, therapeutic magnet jewelry, wooden magnets and handmade knives are all USA made.  Our customer service will not be outdone.  We are a one-stop shop! Come in and experience our store at #294!

All Accents and Designs

All Accents and Designs is a truly unique shop featuring furniture, home decor items and one of a kind treasures.  Stop by and check out our constantly changing inventory!

How to Help Birds in the Winter: Advice from Wing & A Prayer

Contrary to what some people think, birds need our help in the winter when it is cold and the snow stays on the ground for weeks. You may ask how do they eat or how can we help; below is a guide to assist you in answering these questions.  Information is provided by Tom Schultz, owner of Wing & A Prayer, inside the Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market.  Check out his shop (#81) for a large selection of bird food, houses, and other accessories for your winged friends.

1. Providing Food

  • Check your bird food mix to see if it contains grit, which is necessary for digestion.  If the birds do not get any grit they can starve, or even freeze to death.  Food provides necessary warmth for them during the winter.


2. Water

  • Make sure there is an ample water supply at all times.


3.  Egg Shells

  • Egg shells are very important before nesting time.  Save your egg shells and crush them to add to your bird food. (Especially in the months of January-April.) Doing this will provide calcium to help make harder shells on their own eggs.


4. Birdhouses and Roosting Pockets

  • Make sure to provide plenty of birdhouses and roosting pockets for the birds.  These provide extra protection from the winter elements.  When purchasing a bird house try to stay away from houses that are all metal.  If the house has a metal roof only, make sure it has space for ventilation at the top and the bottom.  Entrance holes need to be appropriate sizes for the birds you wish to attract.  ALL holes should be at least 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the house.  Stay away from houses that are glued together.


5. Bird Feeders

  • We do not recommend wooden feeders.  A few years ago there was an epidemic that was linked to wooden feeders, and thousands of birds died due to the virus.  All feeders must be kept clean as food can get wet and stuck in the feeders which causes harmful mold to form.



Hearing Check

Hearing Check is a product information booth carrying hearing amplifiers, hearing aid batteries, and headphones for sale.

Mystical Fairy Tutu Boutique

A truly unique shopping experience with girls of all ages in mind.  We offer custom made tutu dresses, onesies, t-shirts, flower clips, headbands, bows, wands and wings.  Contact us so that we can custom design something for your princess.  Novelty t-shirts are custom sized as well.

SeeGifts Paws Boutique

SeeGifts Paws Boutique specializes in local hand made pet clothing; sweatshirts, hoodies, dresses, bowties, pajamas,  vintage wear t-shirts and collar covers to name a few. All clothing can be custom made or fitted to your pet. We stock all natural pet shampoos, natural flea product , Nilodor products, and locally made pet mineral supplement (for allergies, skin, digestive and joint issues) as well as an array of collars, leashes, toys, and pet accessories

FaceBook Flea Market Offer



You must print this coupon and present at the time of collection in order to redeem it. Digital copies are not valid.FB Flea Market Coupon-01


Job Opportunities

Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market is currently accepting applications for seasonal positions that include cashiers, grill cooks, and outdoor concession workers. The perfect candidate will be someone who is energetic, friendly, mature, a team player, and a quick study. Previous experience is a plus! All applications must be submitted in person by April 4, 2016.

Click HERE to download our application.

Remember, all applications must be submitted in person.

How to set up for the Holiday Weekend

Hours: Thursday & Friday 9AM – 5PM (Sarah’s Grille Opens @ 7AM); Saturday & Monday 8AM – 5PM (Sarah’s Grille Opens @ 6AM), Closed Sunday.

We do not reserve space in our outdoor market on a daily basis. All spaces are reserved on a monthly basis according to the day you want to be here.

If you want to set up for the holiday special, we recommend that you get a space for all 4 market days. You may pull in on Thursday morning between 7 AM and 8 AM. You will pick an OPEN AIR BLACKTOP space, make sure it is not marked RESERVED for any of the days you want to set up, set up for the day, and leave a locked vehicle in that space to hold it for the next market day. You must be in your space, set up and ready to sell by our opening hour (9AM) fo rthe next market day. For Saturday and Monday setups we will add a $5.00 premium charge over and above the regular price for all non-reserved pavilion and blacktop spaces.

If you choose to come the day of the market to set up, we suggest vendors arrive each market day by 5:30 AM. We do not guarantee spaces to be available. You may not leave anything other than a vehicle in the space to hold it. Any other items will be picked up by MarketPlace Staff and you may face a fine. At the end of each market day all merchandise must be packed up and all trash must be removed. No trash is to be left by a vendor! Vendors who leave trash will be fined. We also recommend that you bring your own tables. The tables that we rent will be distributed first-come, first-served while supplies last.

Vendor’s License?

We are often asked by those who would like to set up and sell at the MarketPlace and in the Flea Market if they need to have a Vendor’s License. Here is some more information from the State of Ohio regarding vendor’s licenses and who is required to have them. For more information on this subject, please visit



Cost of License


Type of Application



Each person with a fixed place of business in Ohio from which taxable sales are made. Vendors must have one license for each fixed place of business. License is issued by the County Auditor.

ST-1 (PDF)

Transient Vendor


Retailer who transports stock(s) of goods to temporary places of business in order to make sales. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation and valid throughout the state.



No fee

Retailer located outside of Ohio who makes retail sales of property or services for storage, use, or consumption in Ohio. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation.

UT 1000 (PDF)

Direct Pay Permit Holder

No fee

Manufacturers or other consumers who purchase tangible personal property for which the taxable status cannot be determined at the time of purchase. These consumers are authorized to make sales and use tax payments directly to the state. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation.

ST 900

Consumers Use Tax Account

No fee

Purchasers who have not paid the tax to a Vendor or Seller (in most cases for out-of-state transactions) make payments directly to the state. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation.

UT 1008 (PDF)


How Often Will I Pay?


Type of Return


Payment Date


Vendors, Sellers, Transient Vendors, Direct Pay Permit Holders and  Consumer Use Tax Accounts

By the 23rd day of the month for the tax collected during the preceding month. Taxpayers whose annual liability exceeded $75,000 will be required to make accelerated and final payments by electronic funds transfer.


Direct Pay Permit Holders and Consumer Use Tax Accounts

By the 23rd day of January, April, July, and October for their tax liability during the preceding three months. This method of payment may be authorized for accounts with less than $15,000 in quarterly tax liability.


Vendors, Sellers and Transient Vendors

By the 23rd day of the month following the close of each semi-annual period (pre-determined by filing schedule) for the tax collected during the preceding six-month period. This method of payment may be authorized for vendors and sellers whose tax liability is less than $1,200 per six-month period.


We offer health inside and out! From Pure True 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils and blends to Relaxation Massage. We also offer a variety of ways to help soothe aches and pains, cold and cough, detoxify, and much more.

JT Designz

Designing personalized clothing for business, charity, sports teams, spirit wear or any special event. We can meet all your needs from a single item to 1,000. We make custom pieces or you can select from one of our many great designs.

HRM Enterprises Wins Business Of The Year


CANTON, OH (May 12, 2014) – The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce has announced HRM Enterprises as the 2014 Business of the Year award recipient. HRM Enterprises received this distiction at the Business Excellence Awards of Greater Canton on May 6, 2014.

The Business of the Year award is open to any Stark County business and is based solely on the significant achievements of growth, expansion and innovation during the course of the past year. All of entitites which comprise HRM Enterprises – Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market, Hartville Kitchen, Hartville Hardware, Hartville Collectibles, Hartville Kitchen Salad Dressing, Top Advantage Surfaces and Hartville Tool – performed extremely well in 2013, realizing their five-year goals in just two years.

Gervasi Vineyards was awarded Business of the Year in 2013.

In addition to Business of Year, this year’s Business Excellence Award winners included 91 Restaurant Group, Ameridial, HRM Enterprises, Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty, The Schauer Group, and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway.

The second annual Emerge Award for Entrepreneurs was awarded to Todd Hawkins, president and CEO of Tesla NanoCoatings. This award honors outstanding entrepreneurs who have been in business for five years or less.

Winners of Business of the Year, Business Excellence Awards, and the Emerge Award for Entrepreneurs were honored on May 6 at a ceremony and gala dinner at The University Center at Kent State University at Stark.

The Business Excellence Awards of Greater Canton were made possible by the following sponsors: Day Ketterer, Attorneys at Law; Farmers National Bank; Hall, Kistler & Company LLP; The Repository; and Stark State College.

About HRM Enterprises

From its 1939 beginning as a livestock auction started by Howard’s father, Sol Miller, to the present-day group of companies that include the Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market, Hartville Kitchen, Hartville Hardware, Hartville Collectibles, Hartville Kitchen Salad Dressing, Top Advantage Surfaces and Hartville Tool, HRM Enterprises has always been a family-owned and oriented business. 

The business had a very humble beginning, as Sol Miller purchased a two-acre plot on the corner of Market and Edison streets for $400. Sol then utilized the help of many in the community – as well as lumber cut from his father’s farm – to construct a 40-foot-by-80-foot sale barn for less than $1,000. The first sale was held on October 30, 1939, and the total of all livestock sold that day came to $535.

A lunch stand was opened on the second floor of the barn, operated by Sol’s wife, Soloma. The auction grew and prospered, with additions in 1942 and 1947. The mid-40s also marked the beginning of the sale of produce and eggs. Around this time also marked the beginning of the flea market, as Sol started renting spaces to others to sell their merchandise.

In 1952, a grocery store and service station were added. In 1958, upon Sol’s death, his son, Howard Miller, began operating the business for his mother, Soloma. Along with Moses Yoder, Howard began leasing the business from his mother the following year. The grocery was changed to a dry goods and variety store in 1962,which was open until 1966 when he opened the Country Kitchen restaurant in its place. Later in 1966, as Hartville evolved from a rural farm community to a fast-growing suburban area, the livestock auction was closed. In 1976, the egg and produce auction was closed. The next year saw the beginning of another new venture, as the company began to sell its salad dressing to stores across the area.

The new Hartville Kitchen was opened at its present location in 1995, which seats about 400 people in the dining room and 500 in the banquet room.

Howard Miller passed away on May 27, 2001. The name of the parent company was changed from Hartville Auction to HRM Enterprises in his memory. Howard’s son-in-law, Marion Coblentz, began running the flea market in 1980 and saw Howard’s vision to fruition with the opening of the MarketPlace on September 5, 2002. Marion still runs the MarketPlace today. Howard Miller Jr. has been the head of HRM since his father’s passing. A brother, several sisters and their spouses and 13 third-generation family members have helped continue to make the businesses successful.

The Many Benefits Of Goat Milk

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Today’s blog post is s guest post from Kathy Jeffers, owner of Pheasant View Dairy Goats, located in the South Wing of the Hartville MarketPlace. Pheasant View Dairy Goats was established in 2007. They always had the dream of starting their own farm and they then wanted to start a business along with it. They began with two dairy goats and their herd is now up to 25 (and still growing!).

Goats may be cute and friendly, but they are also very useful. Female goats produce a creamy milk, rich in vitamins and minerals. It is very beneficial to your body, both inside and out. Listed below are many of the benefits of using this high protein, calcium rich milk.

glass-of-milk-000005523842large-21 (3)

One of the things you can do with goat’s milk is make soaps and lotions. It is a pure natural product with no additives or preservatives in it. It contains lactic acid which strips away dead skin cells and nourishes the new skin underneath. The PH level in the milk is very close to the PH in your body, making it easier to absorb into your skin. The result is a moisturizer that does not wash off and is continually working. Some of the things that goat’s milk can do is help fight acne and also aid in the reduction of wrinkles, just to list a few.

Drinking goat’s milk is just as beneficial. Goat’s milk is closest to human’s milk, making it easier to digest. It is rich in calcium and helps boost the immune system. It has high levels of proteins and essential amino acids.

Whatever the reason for using goat milk you will enjoy the results you receive.

For more information about Goat Milk and Goat Milk products, please visit Pheasant View Dairy Goats.

Amish Furniture of Ohio

If you are looking for the best quality in furniture, wonderful style, and a homey feel, Amish Furniture of Ohio is the shop for you in the Hartville Marketplace! Give your living room an update and stock your patio with beautiful, hand-crafted furniture!

For more information, click here.

Boston Road Collection

Get lost in a cozy atmosphere packed full of antiques and broad range of vintage decor items. The staff here will make sure your style is expressed in such a captivating way, visitors in your home will want to know where you do all your shopping!

Cheese Barn/Nut and Candy Shack

A surplus of salty, sweet, and crunchy grabs. With their own refrigerated section, there are plenty of delicious items to fill your fridge. No need for a grocery store after a visit here!

Christina’s Creations

Hand designed, and paired in matching sets, Christina has a one of a kind touch on all of your favorite jewelry styles. Be the talk of the office, and envy of all the ladies with these delicately crafted accessories!

Cornhole Gameboards & Bags

A one stop for all your cornhole needs! Have a custom cornhole set made to fit your own personal needs, or buy one on display that is ready to go! They also carry cornhole bags to be purchased separately.

Pizazz Fashion & Collectibles

With such a wide variety of purses, you are sure to find one that pleases! Not only are they known for their great style, but also their great quality!

Fashion Finds

If you want this year’s styles in clothing, jewelry, and shoes, make sure to get a few new outfits here! And you’ll be pleased to get to the register and find that the prices won’t leave you feeling guilty!

Fashion Swimwear

Summer, fall, or winter, these swimsuits are here and waiting to be worn on the beach, in a pool, or at a gym. Make sure you sport your new Fashion Swimwear; each one is sure to turn heads. And don’t forget to finish the look with a new pair of sunglasses and a classy coverup!

Felicia’s Gallery

A shop whose walls are filled top to bottom, leaving you with endless shelves to explore. This is a shop any lady could get lost in. Get your dramatic accessories to make a statement, belts, earrings, necklaces, and a few clothing options, all in one place!

Future Story Shop

This shop is brought to us by the Haven of Rest and provides handmade gifts. This shop sells a variety of items such as aprons for adults and children, coaster sets, walker totes, appliance covers, heating pads, pillowcases, and so much more!

Garden Path Gifts

A great store to get a gift for your girlfriend! Filled with home décor, and items of all size, the perfect gift is just one shopping trip away!

YY Leather Goods

Offering a wide variety of leather products, from wallets and change purses to full size luggage.

The Tin Sign Lady

Plenty to see here, this store has items for every NFL team with a large selection to choose from. Don’t miss a chance to support your NFL team with pride. Get something that will represent your favorite NFL team everywhere from the Tin Sign Lady.

Hartville Leather Goods

In business since 1971, Hartville Leather Goods provides high quality leather products and Rada Knives.  We encourage you to stop by and browse our wide selection of stylish and durable products.  Whether it is a new wallet or purse, a pack of Diabetic socks, or a new set of Rada Cutlery; everyone is sure to find something they can use for years to come.

Heart of Helaine

Lace lined, hand crafted, walking through the doors to this shop will transfer you into a world of vintage elegance.

Holy By Design

This shop has a story behind each item on its shelves, incorporating God’s love and Grace, into everyday objects: jewelry, framed artwork, home décor.

Infinity Travel

Planning your next vacation? Let Infinity Travel do all the work for you!

IQ Toyz & Games

Located on the 2nd Floor this store is filled with great toys and games for all ages. You’ll find classic toys with education in mind. Featuring great and hard to find brands of toys, games and gifts.

Jewelry Repair By William

For a personal, handcrafted gift, quality repairs, all at a fair and honest price, make sure to  adorn yourself with Williams Jewelry or give a one of a kind gift that will be the talk of party.

Larry’s Kozy Korner

This corner can give you hours of fun! Treasure hunting will need to be an interest to you; Larry is sure to have a treasure irresistible for everyone. Unique jewelry, eye-catching pottery and glass wear can all be found here.

My Garden Essentials

A garden themed home décor shop, with a beautiful display of everything you could need to make your garden and yard a unique and tranquil place to relax!

Oriental Cargo

Affordable jewelry, and unique hair accessories, out on open display so that you can find the one that suits you best!

Overtime Hobby

Family fun with this full line hobby store offering all your hobby needs from model kits to train sets.

Gourmet Market Pasta

The options of pasta are endless, and you will be personally assisted to choose the one that best suits you. Don’t forget the sauce pre-made for a quick and delectable meal at home.

Perfect Eyebrows

Time for a little YOU time! Come let Perfect Eyebrows pamper you just because, or help you look your best for a special occasion- without the pain of tweezing!

Nanny Goat Naturals

From homemade fudge, to handmade soaps and more, what you will find at this corner shop, cannot be matched elsewhere. If you catch them at the right time, you might get to see the products made right before your eyes, for a very interactive experience!


See Gifts has a variety of things to offer, that will appeal to a variety of different people. From guns, to jewelry, to pet supplies, this store has it all.

ShipShe Casuals

Shipshe Casuals specializes in unique ladies apparel.  Selections can be from our Designer, Signature Stone, Country & Seasonal line.  Our customers appreciate the quality, consistency and that sizes ranging from small to 3x are available.  Come see, we know you will want to return.

ShipShe Home

A wonderful display of country feel items that can complete any home décor.  From beautiful quilts, to intriguing framed artwork, you will find what you need to complete an inviting environment for guests and family to admire.

Stefan’s Teeth Whitening

Afraid to flash that smile? Don’t hide your yellowing teeth anymore! One stop to Stefan’s for a professional teeth whitening, and you’ll find any and every opportunity to show them your pearly whites!

Super Shape Brows

Sometimes tweezing eyebrows can be difficult, painful, and leave you with lopsided eyebrows. Leave the hard work to Super Shape Brows; they will carefully shape your brows, to accent your natural bone structure.

The Aviation Hanger

If you want to find something that is guaranteed to captivate the attention of all age groups, set one of these handmade, handcrafted rockets into the sky, and watch everyone’s eyes light up with wonder!

KJ Out of the Ordinary

A unique assortment of rare minerals and collectors items can be found at KJ Out of the Ordinary.

This & That Shop

This shop has an assortment of musical instruments sure to bring back an old talent, or create a new one!

Vita Boutique

Vitas store is captivating in every way. With personal assistance to find you the perfect outfit, you will keep coming back to this upscale shop. Vita gives you an experience you will never forget!

Watkins Products

Watkins has an array of items for your every day needs! From kitchen seasonings, to lotions and shampoos, many of your necessities can be met in this one stop shop.

Young’s Fashion Accessories

With a wide variety of purses, jewelry and hats they are sure to have something you will love!